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Meet Life’s Struggles Face to Face.

Mental Health Support aimed at helping you find & live your best life.


Welcome to Vis-à-Vis

Meet Stephen F. Smith, Ed.M, LMHC, BC-TMH 

Hi, I’m Stephen Smith, a licensed mental health counselor, board-certified in telemental health.  I aim to help people like you build stronger, more resilient lives. I understand how powerless it can feel to struggle with strong emotions without someone to talk to. I’m working to change this as a counselor and a mental health consultant.


There is no better way to overcome the challenges that are holding you back than facing them with the support from someone you trust.


Here at Vis-à-Vis Counseling, I provide a safe and compassionate space for adults and couples to talk about their struggles. If you experience depression, anxiety, relationship problems or other difficulties negatively impacting important areas of your life, I’d like to work with you in an effort to help you move forward. I can support you with gaining perspective about your situation and overcome the barriers that diminish your functioning.


How I Can Help

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Client-Centered Supportive Therapy

Biblical/Christian Counseling

Ready To Book Your First Counseling Session?

If you’re ready to work towards feeling better and reclaiming your mental health and wellbeing, I am here for you. Schedule a consultation, today.

Call: 509-578-1447


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