• Stephen F. Smith, Ed.M.

The Right Words at the Right Time

"Timely advice is lovely, like golden apples in a silver basket." (The words of God as written in Proverbs 25:11, NLT). I strive to listen carefully and provide the right feedback at the right time. Sometimes people need an opportunity to get some things off their chest before receiving advice or feedback. They need to be thoroughly heard and understood before they can receive knowledge. If progress in your therapy seems slow at the start, it is because I am hoping understand your situation by entering into your experience via active listening, while attempting to facilitate catharsis (a technical term for the release of strong emotion that has been held back) and assess where thoughtful feedback and insight might be needed. This takes time but can pay dividends in improved functioning; sometimes people need to know how much one cares before they are willing to hear how much one knows. #listening #caring #empathy #catharsis #proverbs #insight

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