• Stephen F. Smith, Ed.M.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Telemental Health Counseling

Many techniques used for in-person counseling can also be used in telemental health counseling. Take, for example, cognitive behavioral therapy. I have applied cognitive behavioral counseling to clients in both in-person and online mental health settings. I have found that internet counseling does not preclude patients from grasping the basic tenants of this popular approach to mental health therapy. Essentially, cognitive behavioral therapy carries with it the principle that our thoughts, feelings and behaviors are interconnected. To effect a change in our feelings, it may be necessary to consider our thoughts or perspectives about the situation we feel depressed, or anxious about. For example, sometime people “catastrophize,” disappointments. Catastrophizing involves mentally reflecting on unpleasant events in a manner that is out of proportion to the actual aftermath of a disappointing scenario. Assessment of such types of thinking can be accomplished in video counseling along with efforts to engage in reframing such thoughts to align with different perspectives in anticipation of diminished emotional distress. I am a master's level, licensed mental health counselor, board-certified in telemental health. I offer video counseling in Washington state (throughout the state) via a secure platform. https://www.visaviscounseling.com/


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